Multitasking is without a doubt a myth in the business world. The idea that an individual can effortlessly do more than one thing to the best of their capacity at one time is a fallacy. The truth behind this notion is as follows: in the business world, multitasking is an epidemic that destroys meetings, company cultures, and a personal sense of value/importance. How often have you had to repeat yourself because someone was “distracted” on a phone call, email, or text message? How about being constantly interrupted by a latecomer or a side conversation? Whether deliberately or not, what some individuals are saying to others is that both your time and value are unimportant to them. Imagine your boss inviting you to a meeting to then belittle in this matter. We must all learn not only to lead by example but out of respect. It can be small things like trying to take minutes to make the speaker feel appreciated or organizing shorter meetings where everyone arrives on time and prepared. Some studies have even shown the low efficacy of multitasking as well as drops in IQ because of doing too many things at once. So instead of harming yourself, the company culture, or others, wait until after the meeting is adjourned to proceed with your next task. It’s the little things like leaving your camera and voice function on, which all feel welcomed, valued, and important.