When we think about the top 10 brands in the U.S. right now: who do we think of? If we talk about brand value, then the list would be in descending monetary value, as follows: Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Walmart, Verizon, AT&T, Walt Disney, and The Home Depot. What do we notice? That the Big Tech run the country because even those outside Silicon Valley, heavily rely on them to carry out business as usual. But if we talk about revenue, as suggested in the top 10 of Fortune 500 list, only four of these brands remain: Walmart, Amazon, Apple, and AT&T. However, what most of these brands have in common [except for Facebook, founded in 2004] is that these brands are from the last century; they’re a part of the history of contemporary Americana, as they’ve been influential over the last two-or-more generations. This means that their future will depend on how they “adapt and evolve” in the coming months/years, e.g., how Walmart’s ability to adapt to the COVID-SARS2 era has made it both the most sold brand and company in America. It’s without a doubt that as the pandemic progresses, brands will fall in-and-out of the top 10 depending on their ability to tackle the world’s financial, health, social, and environmental issues, among others.