Starting with the late 1980s, the story of the world’s fixation with Barbie has been one of the continuous comebacks because of lucrative alliances, limited editions, and more imaginative accessories. Fast-forward to 2021 and Barbie has gone from make-overs to a complete rebranding, as her universe now encompasses: digital games, an animated series, films [even including live-action versions], a strong social media presence [e.g., YouTube live streams lead by featured female role models], a limited edition Inspiring Women series [e.g., a Dr. Maya Angelou or Susan B. Anthony doll], a Netflix series, and even an overhaul of her features [e.g., skin, shape, eyes, hair, age]. In other words, the message behind the Barbie brand has become more relatable to her worldwide customer base: sometimes, she has bad days; her features are as varied, as her global audience; her life’s not perfect, but she’s capable of attaining anything she sets her mind to! Barbie has become much more than just being able to match her customer’s values: the message is to empower women of all ages through an edu-taining product. Welcome back once again Barbie!